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Ogunyemi Olaitan Bukola is a young Nigerian with a passion for teaching and writing. I am optimistic about the possibility and realization of a new Nigeria where there is no limitation to what a young, brilliant, talented and hardworking mind can achieve. An unrepentant Manchester United fan, writing is not my hobby, it is the medicine with which I keep myself within the realm of sanity. You are welcome to my world of prose and poetry. Enjoy!

You can follow me on twitter: @zebbook

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Telephone: +2347037371677



  1. Ur lootitudes is very incisive, luv ur analogy of the political in nigeria, keep on going the sky is the limit, u might be called upon to be an advicer in the near future when the ongoing, rev olution has climaxed and the corruption saga is at an end, then people like u will be sought after cause we wld then be in need of transparent leadership.

  2. You are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  3. Hello Bukola,
    its your friend,Busky. I know you as a great writer. Pls,I want you to help me with an assignment,pls,and God will bless you. 1.Discuss the role or impact of politics and religion on crime causation and control in Nigeria>15pages.
    2. Suggest what the govt of Jonathan should do to stop incessant killing of innocent Nigerians.
    God will bless you and give you more wisdom,knowledge and understanding.

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