Posted by: zebbook | June 30, 2012

#ZebbookAt25: 25 Things You (Probably) Dont Know About Me

ImageIt’s the eve of my 25th birthday, and the fact that I am that young, or that old, is a surprise to many depending on how I have portrayed myself to them. Through different social media platforms, I relate and interact with people of different cultures, languages, religions and status and I have come to realize that while we know so much about one another, depending on how open each has decided to be, there’s still so much we don’t know about the person at the other end of the connection.

So I decided to take time out, using the occasion of my 25th birthday as an excuse, to write about 25 things my friends, especially those I know through social networks, probably  do not know about me. They are random, and they are trivial, or maybe not…….

1.  My full name is Ogunyemi Olaitan Bukola Akande, I was born on July 1st, 1987.

2. I wasn’t born in a hospital; I was born in a church! Mum had her ante-natal at Jericho Hospital, Ibadan but when time came for her to deliver she didn’t have the N6 that the hospital usually bills for deliveries. So she went to CAC Oke-Iyanu, aka CAC Obadare at Sango, Ibadan, and put to bed there.

3. I walked at 9 months. My hair was unusually long at birth that our neighbours nicknamed me ‘Joshua’. I look very feminine, even till now, especially when I let my hair grow long.

4. I was very stingy as a child and cried a lot. Only my mum and my eldest brother could back or pet me. I cried so much as a child our landlord then nicknamed me ‘keroro’.

5. I speak and write Yoruba almost as well as I do English, and I dislike, passionately, people who can’t write and or speak their local language, especially if they grew up in their locality.

6. I wasn’t given any Christian name, none at all. So I adopted one: ZERUBBABEL. Why Zerubbabel?

7. I hawked for about 7 years (1993 – 2000), whatever you can think of: iced water, fairly used clothes, bags, shoes, food…..

8. Hawking taught me so much about life, endurance, sacrifice and survival. I have fond memories of those years; I had fun and learnt so much, I got exposed to and related with different people. Walking all over town for several hours everyday with loads on my head brought out the resilience in me that has helped me cope with life’s challenges.

9. I dropped out of school for a year due to lack of funds (2001/2002).

10. During that drop-out year I read the complete works of Williams Shakespeare (the original archaic English version) all his plays and poems, EVERYTHING.

11. Also during that drop-out year, I wrote my first book (unpublished and lost): an adaptation of Late Wale Ogunyemi’s play, Obaluaye.

12. I have read at least 2/3 of all books published under Chinua Achebe’s African Writer’s Series initiative. I read most of them during my Junior Secondary School days and I would tell my friends about South Africa, Kenya, Ghana etc as if I had been there.

13. The first time I entered a proper library, I was 15 (2002). My eldest brother took me to Osun State Library, Oshogbo. I asked him if anyone had read all the books in the world, he said it’s impossible for anyone to do that, so I decided I’d be the first person to read ALL the books in the world.

14. I started using the internet in 2002. That’s pretty early for someone who grew up in Oshogbo; I was the first person in my school to have an email address.

15. I studied Biochemistry, not Medicine, not History, not English and no, not Literature.

16. Sometime in 1997 out of boredom, I took my mums Yoruba bible and read it from Genesis to Revelation before the end of that year. I read the English bible in 2006 from start to finish. I read the book of Proverbs every month.

17. I have written to Barack Obama 8 times, I am yet to get a reply.

18. I was shortlisted for Shell Scholarship in my First Year at the University (2005) alongside about 9000 other Nigerian students. We were asked to write an aptitude test to determine those that’ll finally be given the scholarship. My centre was a school at VI, Lagos, and that was my first time of going to Lagos! On the exam day,  a Saturday, before the exam started I saw a group of UNILAG students treating GMAT questions so I joined them, I didn’t even know what GMAT was, I had never heard of it. I had one of the highest sores in that test. Check Guardian, Punch and Comet of July 4th, 5th and 6th 2006 respectively.

19. I used to read in my sleep. During my First and Second year at the University, I had a reading partner, I confided in her but she didn’t believe. That time I usually wake up knowing two to three pages that I haven’t read in my textbook, it’s almost as if someone reads them to me in my sleep. I have since lost the gift.

20. I have written an average of 500 words per day between January 2012 and now.

21. I am not a nerd. I AM NOT A NERD OKAY!! I know Kanye West is going out with Kim K, and I think Beyonce is sexy. I am very reserved but I am not nerdy, and some people won’t even agree with the reserved part, so I guess it’s all about perspective. Did I tell you I won’t be fulfilled until I watch Man United play at Old Trafford?

22. My aim in life is to influence lives, as many as possible, towards positive possibilities.

23. I used to be a very good, very good dancer. I could do all those Sunny Ade dance moves back then and later started miming Michael Jackson. Now I can’t dance to save my life.

24. The greatest influence in my life, apart from God, is my eldest brother.

25. Have you read The Gospel According To Saint Farouk? Here’s the gist: I had it up in my head on Monday, 4th June and I wanted to type it the following day, but I travelled to Ife on DanaCrashAction assignment and was too tired to type when I got back. So I typed it between 8am and 9am on Wednesday, 6th June and went back to sleep. I woke up at 10am, feeling depressed, posted it on at a few minutes past 10, read it and saw some typos and grammatical errors, so I trashed the blogpost in anger and deleted the file on my desktop. I went back to sleep, woke around 12 noon and something told me the piece wasn’t as bad as I thought, so I retrieved it from the recycle bin and reposted it on some minutes after 12. It went viral the following day and I gained over 1000 followers before Friday.

Ogunyemi Bukola (@zebbook)



  1. I am most honored to make your acquaintance and I trust that one day, we shall meet face to face. May you never loose the flavor that only you add to the world. Cheers bro. Many cheers!!! Hip, hip, hip tomorrow!!!

  2. Nice! Some interesting things in there. Happy birthday in advance bro!

  3. Im inspired. Blessed and happy birthday in advance

  4. Nice! Happy birthday in advance bro!

  5. Igba odun, odun kan ni. happy birthday in advance. you are blessed for u have been a blessing to many thru ur words. @DAlawode

  6. Happy birthday smart guy,U r really good and God wiℓℓ make U bigger Ðξαr!!!

  7. Whao ! You one hell of a guy, some came to this world without fulfilling the purpose for there creation and here is a young man using his God given talent to impact others positively.For you Zebbook the sky is not the limit.Keep up the good work,very many happy returns.God bless and keep you.

  8. Unbelievable u went through all those stuff can’t wait we meet at osogbo soon…but u didn’t include SOSIM on it

  9. I’m so humbled reading 25 things about you Bukola… I got to know about you via ff Omojuwa on twitter and I make bold to say that you’re one of my favourite twitter peeps. I’m glad U also ff me on twitter and I hope we get to meet someday. I wish you the Best Birthday yet! U’ll definately go FAR!!! Mark those words…God bless you! @moni_pearl.

  10. Nice piece. HBD in advance. May u not loose ur relevance.

    Have a fruitful year ahead.

  11. Interesting. 1987, hmm I could be your uncle, lol. Yours is a story of how great men are made. By the way I was also born in a church.

  12. You are a gift to your generation from the only one who happens to be the author and finisher of your fate. Don’t relent bro, because you are destined for greatness. Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard………..that’s your story. Happy Birthday!!!

  13. What a nice bio, its rich and touchy. Keep it up and am jst right behind u now on twitter.

  14. Happy birthday! May the good Lord continue to keep and guide you and cause his light to continually shine upon you.

  15. Congrats there…wishing u the best, mine is in Oct, many happy returns

  16. Nice piece. If I get you correctly then you are trying to say that you possess some extraordinary qualities and you want us to help you hear. Or you are trying to announce to those who care to listen that you are the first person to have successfully made an attempt to gain a thousand followers in two days. Or what?

    • Yes, that exactly is what I was trying to say. And also that you are either suffering from a partial brain paralysis or a very low IQ.

  17. You are a really talented person. Reading this reminded me of myself and how I used to be able to read voraciously until career, family etc took up all d time. I read the Gospel of Farouk and was blown away by d sheer artistry displayed in your writing. Genius!

  18. Nice composition and job well done.

  19. I just want to say that I have been very inspired by your story. It is true that we make ourselves who we are. Well done !!!!you have turned a lot of d seemingly disadvantages in your life into stepping stones and though I have had no part in your story I am proud of you

  20. U r hillarious! As u old pass me (just 1year and 2months)….. Will u marry me? *sweet smile*

  21. I’m speechless! Buh criously, i̶̲̥̅̊†̥̥’s α challenge. Welldone, Ў☺ΰ stood out against all odds

  22. This is an amazing story!My prayer is dat God will continue to give you and xcellent spirit couple with divine wisdom and understanding IJN!

  23. You know what? Each of these 25 years signies fulfilment of purpose.
    Try to imagine one of your worst days either when hawking or staying back at home as a result of unavailability of fees, the Ancient of Days, the True and Faithful Potter was engaged with a clay. He keeps breaking whatever He’s made of the clay in oder to get the best out of it.
    Finally, SILVER CELEBRATION afterwards…This Same Potter that can never change looks @ Bukola Ogunyemi, smiles and amused “This handiwork of mine is fully becoming more like the picture in My Heart”.
    To GOD be All the Glory.
    Cheers Buddy…

  24. Happpy birthday, Bukola. Your story is such an inspiring one. You haven’t seen anything yet. Just keep touching lives…and it woud surprise you the doors that’d be opened unto you. Cheers bro.

  25. I’m impressed with ur story and ur dogged determination…..been thr!
    However, u’r so nerdy! Geeky and all other related names.
    *sticking my tongue out*
    The sky’s ur starting point

  26. Wow. Short of words. God bless u and His face will always shine upon u. You’re going higher IJN.

  27. God bless u.

  28. I have a feeling I saw you once @OAU; very familiar face! U’re indeed a great personality! U’re a blessing to our generation! Am happy for you.

  29. fantastic write up. simple, yet full of flavour. the creativity embedded is so fresh and inspiring. you go man. i am truly inspired.

  30. Incisive tale of a brainy chap, u good, u really good bro, never let anytin stop u in ur quest to always touch lives positively,

  31. 🙂 very nice. im glad i stumbled on it. i avnt met u bt i choose 2 say u r ”nerdy”. If not wer is how u av fun in all of des, or u dont tink we shud knw dat. lol. I adapted Faith 4rm my muslim name Fatimoh, i also av 2 rid any verse in d bible in Yoruba 2 get its full understanding ( i tink Yoruba is deep). nyc 2 knw all des abt a stranger dou.

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