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Who dares? by @segunomojola

Who dares? by Segun Omojola

ImageDo you hear? Her tormentors shouted at the top of their voices as they descended on her, over and over again.  They were all over her. They were from her past and in her now. They struck, they hit. They pummeled and they pounded. They prodded and they probed with all manner of tools. They dragged and they scratched and as they did all this, they boasted.

She took it all silently. Well not really silently. As every cell in her body could define the pain she felt and they did a good job of articulating it. She was never unaware of her pain. She had, had it since forever because she had been under bondage even since before her independence. Successively she had suffered all manner of atrocities to her person.

At first, it was the outsiders. Now, it’s closer home. It got worse with time. The torment never seized rather, it graduated, became magnified. Her suffering multiplied with the years. How can that be possible? Yet she did nothing. Well not as if she did nothing. She tried, but her future mocks her effort. They mock her feeble attempt at freedom. Her future feels the pains more than she does. Her future is scarred already and therefore scared. And yet, her tormentors never seize. She kept hearing their boasts. She kept feeling the impact of their heartlessness in her deepest being. I will rape you. I will molest you. I will assault you. I will harass you. I will drag you all over the land from the tip of your tiny toe. You can’t do anything about it they shout.

Well, they did woo her. Could this be what their wooing meant? No expense was spared when they wooed her and even more effort is now being spent on her nonstop exploitation and torture. Her latest husbands are even worse than her past husbands. She had never been this terrorized since the time her former military husbands were alive. It’s not that she has never tried to free herself. In fact, she had felt liberated when her military husbands gave up the ghost. She felt she will finally experience that breath of fresh air. But here she is, her lungs heaving, seriously starved of air.

Her current husbands seem to combine the evil of a million demons in their hearts. It’s not that she didn’t try. But deep in her heart, she is confused. Could she be enjoying the pain? Did she really want it to stop? She shuddered like a 7.0 magnitude earthquake as she felt the searing pain of another probe buried into her. She is devastated. This particular probe in her fuels her pain like never before. Yet, she loves her husbands. Is this how love should be? Who will free her from all of this? Yet she knows what to do to be free. Her future mocks, hating her more for her lethargy. And yet, she docilely lies back as the battering continues. Her future dares her to do something. Deep inside her lies the truth yet she dares not……… who dares???


Segun Omojola

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