Posted by: zebbook | June 27, 2012


A New Nigeria

I have said it before, I will again: Mr President has the best opportunity presented by any circumstance or situation to disarm the most hardened of critics in the history of Nigeria but his actions continuously prove he’s unaware of the true luck he has been presented with. Being an accidental President, he has inherited many crises, which on handling well, could have presented and showed to Nigerians a Strong, decisive and understanding leader. But can you give what you don’t have?

Where do i start from: Mr President’s time has brought to the fore an unprecedented level of corruption in the system (take the Pension scam, and fuel subsidy as instances) and his subtle attempt at sweeping them under the carpet through several tactical provisions is amazing. Removing Oniwon and his team hasn’t solved it too, the fundamental problem still remains intact and the same. Removing the fuel subsidy…

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