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Crookluck sings Psalms unto the Cabal

Crookluck sings Psalms unto the Cabal – by Ogunyemi Bukola

(1) The bribe is the cabals’ and the kickbacks thereof; the loot and they that share therein. For he hath founded it upon the subsidy allocation, and expended it upon election campaigns.

(2) Who shall ascend into the house of the cabal? Or who shall sit in his Maitama mansion? He that hath wide pockets, and a big cap; who hath not lifted up his hand to collect mere Naira.

(3) He shall receive the dollars from the cabal, and protection from the umbrella of his party of allegiance. These are the politicians that seek thy face O dollars.

(4) Lift up your caps, O ye crooks, and be ye opened wide ye ever yielding pockets, that the wads of dollars may come in. Who is this ‘donor’ of dollars? The cabal strong and mighty; the cabal mighty in bribery.

(5) Lo, bribes are a heritage of the crook, and the kickbacks from the cabal are his reward. As N20s are in the hands of a policeman, so are dollars in the hands of a good crook.

(6) Happy is the crook that hath his cap full of them; he shall not be arrested, but shall speak with the police in a merry-go-round.

(7) He that dwelleth in the subsidy loot of the cabal shall abide under the shadow of corruption. I will say of the cabal, he is my refuge and my fortress; my loot in it will I trust.

(8) Surely he shall deliver me from the probe of the legislooters, and from the indictment of the subsidy panel.

(9) If it had not been for the cabal who was on our side, now may the crooks say: if it had not been the cabal who was on our side, when the subsidy panel rose up against us; then had they indicted us gravely, when the people’s wrath was kindled against us.

(10) Blessed be the cabal who hath not given us a prey unto their anger. Our loot is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the probe; the report is compromised and we are escaped.

(11) Our help is in the bribe of the cabal, who made the crooks and the thieves.

(12) Except the cabal forsakes a crook, they labour in vain that prosecute him, except the cabal exposes a scam; the EFCC searcheth but in vain.

(13) They that trust in the cabal shall be as Crookluck, which cannot be impeached,but abideth forever. As the looters are round about Aso Rock, so the cabal is round about his crooks from henceforth, even forever.

(14) For the indictment of the subsidy panel shall not rest upon the loot of the crooks, lest the crooks put forth their hands into the foreign reserve.

(15) Give bribes O cabal unto those that they trust, and to them that probe us in their committees. When the cabal turned out the report of the subsidy panel, we were like them that dream.

(16) The was our mouth filled with beer, and our teeth with suya; then said they among the masses, the cabal hath done great things for them. The cabal hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

(17) Turn out the Malabu scam report O cabal, as you did the subsidy report, that they that loot in fear shall enjoy it with courage.

(18) O cabal in thee do I put my trust, save me from all them that prosecute me, and deliver me.


Ogunyemi Bukola

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  1. Nice one! More grease to ųя elbow, ride on brother happy birthday in advance

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