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Where is our pride and integrity? – by @nykelodeon

Where is our pride and integrity? by Osagiede Nicholas

Every day the green white green passport is an object of disdain, disrespect and suspicion to immigration officers and law enforcers all over the world. Every day, thousands of Nigerian business men and women fail to seal international deals. Every day, our youths outside our shores are seen as fraudsters and now terrorists. Every day, we give the world to a reason to doubt our sincerity of purpose, every day, and our status as Nigerians diminishes; where is our pride and integrity?

If Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State could brand all Nigerians scammers, then it means we have no pride in the face of the international community. The sins and bad doings of some people have stained the entire nation. Here we are mocking ourselves by our recent handling of Boko Haram, issuing statement of escaped convict’s every time, showing the world we are in competent to handle our problem. Here we are doing big brother to other African nations while our own economy suffers. Our diplomatic relations with nations is on decline, rotting badly.How can we prove and show to the world that majority of Nigerians are not what they take us for. How can we show the world that Nigerians are law abiding citizens with integrity to top it all? How can we prove to world that Nigerians are trustworthy and hardworking?

We are talking of building a nation, one that would be a force to reckon with in the world. We are talking of building a corrupt-free society, how can we achieve all that? Is it when monies brought into the system to make life easier for the masses are converted into foreign currencies and taken to already fat bank accounts at the detriment of the masses? We started this year with a policy on subsidy removal on PMS, a policy that has being successful in other nations including our neighbors, Ghana. But, the integrity of our government has been called into question several times that we the citizens have lost faith in their abilities. Protests followed in the wake of the subsidy removal as many youths took to the streets to show their apparent displeasure. Most Nigerians know the policy is good and the nation can be developed but there is no trust in the government, in fact there have been so many cases of misappropriation in the system and with sharing formula for the Income generated from subsidy in place, it’s like the same old story. Anytime the issue of corruption worldwide is talked about, Nigeria is always a case study, to draw hypothesis and make conclusions on. Why won’t we be? Abacha’s loot, Anajemba’s case,Tafa Balogun’s saga, Tony Anenih, Fabian Osuji, Adolphus Wabara, Chris Adigie et al N55 million scam, Mobolaji Osomo soap opera, Joshua Dariye wahala, Governor Alameseigha’s show are juicy and interesting for the world to see. The president claims there is a cabal looting proceeds from oil but they have not been brought to book. There is was the one of CBN, dissolving the board of All States Trust Bank in 2004/05 over alleged financial malpractices, Akingbola’s alleged looting at Intercontinental Bank, Cecilia Ibru and Oceanic Bank festivities, and so on. All this cases of unsolved corruption all aid in denting the image of the nation in the international community.

Aren’t these scenarios mouths watering? Baseless kings like the Boko Haram issue, which due to our government lack of purpose and direction has now become a nationwide threat, with the Madalla bombing on Christmas day, pushing our sluggish government to declare a state of emergency in some states in the north, despite all these, there were still attacks on innocent people in Adamawa, Bauchi and Kano states. A suspect of the sect was found in a governor lodge in Abuja and was reported missing when transported by the Nigerian simply shows how insincere, wicked and untrustworthy some of our leaders are. The never repentant Jos religious, now political crises, the kidnapping in Niger Delta, which spread like wildfire to almost all parts of the eastern province, unexplained and unsolved murders, ritual killings et al, all happening with reckless abandon, have helped in no small way to finish our image.

Anywhere a Nigerian is, fear, disdain and suspicion trail him. Millions of Nigerian youths take to the internet to dupe foreigners of their hard earned money as a result; genuine business deals are getting impossible day after day. We give everything corrupt a funky name, making it seem real to people. Trust is now extinct as we believe what we see. Religious and ethnic classes have to degenerate into the killing of thousands before we decide to act.

Every now and then, different bodies are set up to check corruption, How far have they gone? From War against Indiscipline and Corruption (WAIC) to Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), what was the success story? The Justice Mustapha Akanbi’s led ICPC did virtually nothing to redeem Nigeria’s image. The corruption they wanted to eradicate eradicated them. WAIC just died as soon as it was born. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) is here but what has it really done? At least something happened under Nuhu Ribadu despite the selective allegations leveled at him. The new EFCC boss, Farida Waziri must also be commended for leaving behind the main corruptors in government and corporate bodies to go after the” yahoo-yahoo” boys.  Now, she has made way for a new boss, Ibrahim Larmode who is already been fingered as part of the wicked, heartless and greedy Nigerians siphoning pensioners hard-earned monies : Is it safe to say that what happened to WAIC, ICPC and even HRVIC will still happen to EFCC?

We are doing “Father Christmas” for other countries while our own economy is being run bankrupt by misadministration, bad leadership and corruption of the highest order. Here we are debating fuel subsidy when about 18 ships filled with crude oil was intercepted.  On the brighter side, the US has not banned Nigerian from coming into their country, all they did was to even respect us by giving us VIP treatment search after all other passengers have been long gone after Abdumutalab placed on the world terrorist producing countries and with the Boko Haram insurgence, We give the world something to cheer and toast to when any issue of police brutality, corruption, oil bunkering, bad leadership, baseless killings, etc is being discussed. Army personnel were deployed en masse to Lagos in a bid to quash innocent protests on bad governance which is currently experienced in the country while the north where Boko Haram have wrecked havoc is left porous and exposed to continued attacks. Our inadequacies only dampen our image in the international community.

Yet, it’s not too late to salvage what is left of our nation’s ego, It’s not too late; our pride and integrity is at stake.


Osagiede Nicholas

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