Posted by: zebbook | June 2, 2012


PARABLE OF THE PEN by ‘Lanre ‘lordrooz’ Bucknor

Write your way to glory,
Be like the pen!
Find ur path to success,
Jst like the pen!

It has been said to be mighty,
Mightier than even than the largest sword.
It is d maker of great men,
And the killer of broken dreams.

Great men think like the pen
Fallen heroes lives on because of it.
The tiny gadget has sends men to jail,
And yet vindicates the human race.

Gone through series of evolution,
Yet providing the same old results.
Whether the feather and the ink,
Or the ball point type.

So silent in nature,
Yet very effective in fxns
It is the custodian of the past,
And the shaper of the future.

The chief planner,
The prime executor,
The writer of history,
The predictor of tomorrow.

The form of ‘Kofi Annan’,
The heart of ‘Condoleeza Rice’,
Why dont you take a cue from the pen?
And through it be popular than ‘Karl Marx’.
Writing your way to success.
And finding your path to victory.


‘Lanre ‘lordrooz’ Bucknor
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