Posted by: zebbook | May 17, 2012




Here lies Nigeria, penned in an inglorious spot,

But it is no time to dole blames to the past,

O kinsmen, hang not your heads in reproach,

Though we must weep,

Let our tears water the seeds of hope,

Lest the hearts be rend beyond repair.


The foundation is fouled, the righteous is helpless,

A great responsibility has devolved on us,

To remedy the past and redeem the future,

Twice the hurdle that awaits us,

Twice the distance we must trek,

To reclaim the lost glory of our land.


From our muddy past and present,

We wade into the future,

Our destiny precariously placed in our hands,

Twice crooked the hills we have to climb,

Twice gloomy the route we must travel,

To awaken the sleeping the giant Nigeria.


Let us saddle ourselves to rebuild the ruins,

Arise to bind together the scattered dreams,

Let our mights fuse into a formidable synergy,

To polish the old scars till they twinkle like stars,

And stitch together with stirring expertise,

The damaged petals into radiant tapestry.


A man with fire on his hands welcomes no delay,

The plot bears neither further ado nor divination,

The consensus is now to gird the loins,

And arise together as beacons,

To illuminate our land from the shields of darkness,

And think only of the crest we must reach.


Life is but a stage,

Same way generations come, generations go,

All acting in the labyrinthine theatre of life,

The turn is now ours to act out our parts,

At the doffing of hat out of this proscenium,

What do you think the audience will say of our play?



Ogunyemi Bukola

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  1. Your words flow with exuberance. They would make a template of eternal tuition.

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