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“In the absence of value, you’ll always argue on cost.” – Pat Mesiti

Nothing is more surprising than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few. ~ David Hume


This is a simple narrative where I want you to deduce “who the Logan cap fits” and “Let him/her wear it”. I won’t be superfluous in trying to paint this picture.

My presentation oscillates between present and past (in describing him), it’s part of the logic.

The USA has bequeathed countless legacies to ‘us’ Nigerians, so many are they that we find it hard to itemize properly (they’ve been glued to our subconscious as our way of life). We have the bicameral legislative chambers, the presidential system of government (with a 4 year-2 term limit), the first ‘Ladyship’, our military compositions (to an extent), advanced internet scammers (Yes, they are not called yahoo-yahoo though) plus several other inventions / public establishments.

Yet, I’m not here to talk about any of those today.


President Charles Logan is my ‘point and kill’ issue. America developed such a wonderful presidential character with Nigeria in mind (personal view). I’ll let you know why. If you’ve not seen 24 seasons 1 through 8, its too much to miss out on (President Logan is a character in that massive action packed series, he entered the fray in season 4).

The only problem is: You’ll have to make your deductions from this article.

President Charles Logan was the Vice President of the United States who had to be sworn into office as President when his former boss John Keeler got critically injured in a terrorist attack that took down his “Air Force One”. (No, a terrorist didn’t kill our President)

He is a reluctant President who had to be coerced into being sworn in by the chief of staff -noticed how scared and uncomfortable he was- who also had to draft in the last President before his injured boss’ regime (in short, he needed the last president that completed his term to help ). The former President did help, but had to be taken out of the picture after Logan grew into mischievousness. I know what you’re thinking.

Yes, you’re right.


Some of President Logan’s achievements can be seen below:

*He is a coward! (Yes, fidgets if the issue of addressing the nation comes up);

*He is a saboteur. (Yes, he sabotages the work of security agents with unfounded proclamations. He even had to demand the arrest of Jack Bauer on an evidence he claimed was accessible to only him);

*Intricately Useless (never has it been so difficult to explain how someone that important can be simultaneous rubbish and extremely useless)

*The loss of a major terror kingpin -Habib Marwan- under his watch due to his rash decision to pull out the agent in charge of the operation (Logan acts before thinking);

*The eccentric Mrs Martha Logan (Yes, his wife can be a comedic relief sometimes, hardly travel in convoys that attracts traffic though);

*One terrorism attack to the next (might be replaced with continuous bombings);

*Being heavily linked to acts of terrorism.

Not only does Logan certify dialogue with terrorists but also collude with them for political gain (Yes, he knew there were terrorists in his government);

*External help for terrorist in his country (did I hear N40million or Algeria? No, Russia );

*Difficulty in prosecuting corrupt people, probably because of his stench and obvious connection to corruption plus abuse of executive power.


uhm uhm! *clears throat* sorry, had to do that.

To keep itemizing might not be to the benefit of this piece. There are warning signs though…..parallels that can’t be ignored.

President Logan became a reluctant president who never had the ambition to rule, but he had a problem leaving the big stage after tasting the allure of power. He devised several ways to make himself a permanent fixture on the scene without being explicit (talk about perpetuation, some people are masters at it). Logan is a reluctant yet “power clinging” president who had to stay on the big stage despite the discomfort this ambition was generating in his nation (Causative agent here is “Ambition”), with several spin doctors employed to beautify his legacy (Aba-what?  No).

Logan (even with his “Siddon well well” attitude) hardly makes any important or difficult decision, all he does is let his advisers and secretaries weigh-in and when these people are not forthcoming with recommendations, he withdraws entirely from the decision-making process (it’ll be easy to play the blame game if things go wrong).

He hardly shows resolve to defend decisions made but he is always the first in line to take credit for any crisis averted (yeah, like saying “some terrorists were apprehended” or they are working on a plan).

Did I talk about his disdain for logical criticism or opposition? Oh! In different ways, he persecuted Jack Bauer almost to his death with the state apparatus and foreign allies.

He was clueless, paranoid and vindictive yet incredibly focused on staying put in office (even if it means a certain section of his country were being persecuted and stigmatized, the Muslims in his case).

I’m sorry if this is boring you, let’s get to the next part.


President Logan is an expert at suppressing reasonable voices when he is cornered and would go to any length to protect himself (people get their names tarnished or even pay the ultimate price). There are several sides to this unbelievable man, but those that I highlighted fulfills the purpose of this exercise.

On a final note: Due to his “obvious deficiency” as an indecisive president, people extremely underestimate him. That’s his strength.

This awkward strength of his, shields him from the “suspects” list whenever things go wrong -fingers are pointed at the opposition- and he ducks (I didn’t say corruption in the oil sector o, abeg)……..he is extremely dull and lacks any notable charisma that lifts the spirit in any sense.

Do you know of anyone fitting Logan’s description? Your deductions have to be personal, as I didn’t write or act in 24.

The ease at which he was able to govern unchallenged despite his obvious deficiencies and disabilities is what bothers me.


My question after your thoughts on who the cap fits is:

How did the Americans successfully develop a movie character so aimed at us without the benefit of our input?

Yet, they were spot-on.

Oh! How I wish to see a “presidential transfer window” just like in football, where you can trade your ineffective presidents for better ones using Bargains, Free transfers, Cash + the useless ones, Exchanges, Loan or outright cancellation of contracts.


Adebowale Adejugbe

You can follow me on twitter @deboadejugbe



  1. What a Satire..This awkward strength of his, shields him from the “suspects” list whenever things go wrong -fingers are pointed at the opposition- and he ducks (I didn’t say corruption in the oil sector o, abeg)……..he is extremely dull and lacks any notable charisma that lifts the spirit in any sense…..that film was a Nigerian prophecy come true…

  2. Erm….I read this twice. Sure I can say its nice which it is but I’d rather say you think too much jor. Oya kill me if you want.

  3. One would need to watch 24 the TV series to really understand the parallel between our fashion icon president and Logan in 24. Thinking of it now, the similarities are too close for comfort!

  4. Brilliant, Debo, brilliant! This piece had me gleefully and consiprationally chuckling in places and surprising achingly sombre in other places. I don’t watch a lot of TV so I am sure I have definitely missed out by not watching 24. So thanks per the update on 24. There were strange moments of respect for the deviousness of Logan which were immediately followed by alarm at the probable depths of the parallel. I am caught between amazement and anger at the ‘easiness’ with which a few air-headed ones control many level-headed ones. Overall, the Logan-Nigerian parallel is so keen, so real, so scary…

    As we are wont to say in Nigeria, ‘it is well’. Is there a Logan or American parallel for that? At least let us stream something their way.

    Well done!

  5. Anyone who has not seen 24 is definitely on a long thing. As for who the cap fits it is EBELE handsdown. Thought about this a few days ago but you beat me to it and in fact put it better than I would ever have dreamt of. What is of utmost concern though is we don’t have the JACK BAUER equivalent yet in Nigeria. Hence is it safe to say under the continued leadership of Ebele Logan we’re doomed?

  6. This made me laugh! Terrorists didn’t kill Yar’Adua, President Palmer/OBJ etc…good one!

  7. I’m in Awe of this piece, to put it mildly. I was simply blown away. Great one bro, keep it up.

  8. So much to ponder over… I have the 24 series,though haven’t started watching….but now I’ll be forced to start and probably come back to this piece to make my comment…

  9. Nice piece. We know the Nigerian Logan. Lol. Its not enough to write but we all need to take A̶̲̥̅̊ step further, ACTION.

    Following you is inevitable. .

  10. Nice one bro keep it up! Will have to watch 24 series again and again. Weldon

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