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Can we talk? Yes? About doctors strike? Yes?

Thank you, let’s get straight into it.

Using the data provided by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) as at January 2012, Nigeria has produced 42,575 doctors since independence with those on the register currently at 22,000.

The implication of this number is that 20,575 doctors are either dead, out of Nigeria (in search of greener pasture), or basically involved in other fields or endeavours.

With 22,000 doctors throughout the federation, we are talking about 14.5 doctors per 100,000 population using 152million as our population index (reflect on that please). With Lagos population at about 17.5million, we have about 4.5doctors per 100,000 population using the sacked 788.

A total of 12,821 doctors are in Private practice (PP) from the 22,000 registered, this leaves us with 9,179 doctors that are working with the Government throughout the Federation.

As seen from the calculation below, we have 6,138 doctors in the various Federal hospitals leaving 3,041 doctors to be shared by the 36states plus Abuja.

LUTH has 800

UCH has 1,051

UNIPORT has 602

NSUKKA has 587

ABU Zaria has 440

UNIMAID has 312

UNILORIN has 217

UniBen has 302

Uthman Dan Fodio, Sokoto has 76

Federal Medical Centres has 1,532

OAU has 219

Total = 6,138

A total of 3,041 are been shared by the 36 state governments being the remainder after those in other services are deducted.

The simple calculation takes us to the 788, deducting the sacked 788 doctors gives us 2,253 doctors for the 36 states. It translates roughly to an average of 61 doctors per state and FCT.

I’m really sorry (for those who detest mathematics) to have put you through these jargons, but the real question is: Where did Lagos state government get the 373 doctors it employed if we have an average of 61 doctors that is available after the 788’s sack?

I don’t agree with doctors putting patient’s life in danger because of pay, but can you blame someone for asking for his entitlement? We all work for the money in Nigeria (you can decide to rebuke this assertion in public, but think about it in the comfort of your rooms), try sinking the statistics on 788 doctors in the population and imagine how 373 “corper doctors” would fare. We’ll be the guinea pigs for their “after school” experiment………that is pretty SCARY!!! Aint it?

I’ll implore my able governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) to think about those of us who have no access to the medical facilities abroad before presenting us with “corper doctors” who are supposed to learn, assimilate and be tested before being given this big mantle of ‘dismembering’ and sowing up……our lives should count for something.


Adebowale Adejugbe.

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  1. […] Read the short mathematical sequel to this piece here: MUCH ADO ABOUT THE CON-MESS STRIKE Share is caring!TwitterFacebookLinkedInEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  2. Nice analysis maze1. I really like this……

  3. 1st of all, the new doctors aint corper doctors, and also, doctors have hand on the job experience through school as well as housemanship and maybe youthservice for those who participate. The fact of the number of Doctors available is due to system failure in the country and can’t be pinned down to any state or profession in particular. The medical sector of Nigeria is crude I’m afraid to say, with ” community health workers” in charge of immunisation and primary health, a bunch of school leavers who go through some month’s training.
    Now to the striking doctors, ur analysis is striking and well understood, sacking of employees should not be hastily done during industrial feud, a responsible goverment will seek all means possible to meet demands.
    But the “sacred” work of Doctors shld never be left undone! Doctors should be working to save lives and not compare salaries. Imagine the army going on strike? Some professions are too noble to leave their work undone or left for long. They could work half the day or less rigorous but not totally out of service.
    If u consider the issue of CONMESS, it’s bigger than a layman understands,  wish  can explain more here but unfortunately  can’t.
    Fashola will call back the doctors but we need a culture of understanding in Africa. The poor masses suffered for this strike and not the goverment! Until the structure of our countries labour is regularised with proper legislation, with fundamental human rights respected, I’m afraid we will be going round in the same cycle.
    Lagos state should respect her workers and Doctors should be humane( what happened to Hippocratic oath?) God bless Nigeria @pheyikeji

    • Don’t even mention military because they are on federal scale. Doctors should be humane..good!. I will ask u these question:
      Do u know the steps it takes 4 some1 who passed SSCE to become a doc?
      Do you know what it means to sacrifice ur social life for your profession…weekends,nights
      These guys have needs,Lagos state where the cost of living is relatively high should be the 1st to implement it afterall Lagos Judges earn higher than their federal colleague

  4. erm…erm….

  5. i praise you for the time u took to do your research but to think ” corper doctors ” know nothing is extremely erroneous! this is nt engineering where inventions come everyday. they are usually more current and take more time with their patients. older docs have better management on patient psychology but in terms of medicine, they are not trainees. in terms of surgical procedures…then its a diff story

  6. Much as I share opinon on this subject matter, I want us all to realise that a group of 788 doctors cannot be greater and bigger than the institution called government. Again, it is only the man who wears the shoe that know where it pinches.

    So I would submit that the government has only demonstrated that no person is indispensable. As such I believe that BRF will have them reinstated only if they will stop biting the hand that feeds and exhaust dialogue and the industrial court before reducing precious human lives to that of chickens by going on strike.

  7. God will help this nation

  8. Thank u for this detailed analysis. But dont 4get, FASHOLA AND HIS FAMILY ARE not part of the MASSES for which the Doctors are serving!

  9. Very enlightening

  10. Oh, come on! Really? We’re gonna ignore the fact that a large percentage of doctors in state/federal govt employ also have private practices? This means that the 12,000 figure that you deducted from the # of doctors as those who have private practices can also work for the government.
    Also, the NMA sets the # of students allowed into medical schools. If there aren’t enough doctors, simply increase the # of students that colleges can accept. The NMA just like other national associations are merely labor unions looking out for their own interests. Not that it’s bad, but we should at least be honest about laying the blame at the right feet.

    • Wld u rather have the number of students admitted into medical school increased than admit d number the available facility put in place can cater for? The limit is usually set based on some criteria which is dependent on the no of profs, consultants, facility and d size as well as the school…etc. I’m sure u wldnt want any of ur relatives to sit on a window sill to learn jst bcz he has to become a Doc?or be taught by a quack, etc…

  11. They say the medical profession is too vital and noble for doctors to go on strike… The premise is sound but the deductions are warped.. You don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg… Knowing the vital nature of the doctors work I expect a responsible government to do is to take care of their every need .. But the Lagos state government through deliberate negligence and insincerity has assiduously distracted doctors from doing their work and turned them into unionists…the shame is on the government, after all the doctors too have cares and needs..if no one would fight for them then they can only fight for themselves.

  12. The doctor is a professional par excellence .. He spends a lot of years training in school while his mates have finished… He hardly has time for even his own family and he deals with lives .. Everywhere all around the world doctors are among the highest paid workers ..they certainly do more work and deserve to be paid better than politicians. this large income is to let them concentrate fully on their work. People say Lagos doctors are always on strike… But it is to the shame of the Lagos government that for almost two years the reason for the strike has been the same… The basic national wage for doctors.. Nothing more! A wicked government hides behind the loss of human lives to blackmail doctors and people can’t see through the ruse.. How gullible we are! God help our people!

  13. We ask all those involved in dis recent medical wahala to think about the negative effect dis will have on d sick ones in our society. Let politician listen to our DR and let their pay be given to them

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