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My Dear Gov,

It is with pleasure I’m writing you this letter, I’m sure you’ll get it in peace and joy.

Before I go into this piece, please let me assure you that I love everything Nigeria, I love Goodluck Jonathan (Yes, as hard as it may sound), I love you and the Asiwaju clan, I love Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Almajiris and everyone in this great country. I can even assure you that I love David Mark (as sinister as it may look, I do. Yes!). I also understand that the type of man you are makes you love your wife, this great country, Lagos state, the President, Asiwaju and the gang…….everyone in our geographical demarcation too.

Guess we have so much in common then!

I understand why you contested, yes I do. To give us good governance, continuity and representation in Lagos state because you believe in service. I’m sure you are explicitly committed to making Lagos the envy of other states.

I do understand why you have to re-tax us on the Lekki toll, and why you have to force it down our throat too; humans for what we are do resist change and we have to be coerced. I see your point with the police, the beatings, the arrest and defiance…..I honestly understand.


You have to believe me when I say that I understand your position on Okadas (menacing around the metropolis like dons), most accidents are caused by these folks because they want to fend for their families. I do understand why their families have to suffer because you want your “state” clean and structured, I understand. I even hate their guts sometimes; I’ve been scratched physically several times by okadas…… car bumper looks like an “alapata” table through the exorcism they’ve performed on it.


Without any hidden agenda, I understand why Asiwaju had to lock down Lagos for his birthday (he has been a “first class” Lagos citizen who gave us the opportunity to witness a thinking governor like you), he governed us through the “fiery” Obasanjo times and Local government brouhaha. I even understand the N100 million naira donation from you and your colleagues in ACN towards the celebration (Asiwaju deserves the best, I guess).

I believe and understand your point with the doctors. They have to be taught a lesson for daring to question the state government that has been feeding them through this “Naija situation”, they’ve been very greedy and unprofessional sometimes (how can you leave people to die because you want an implementation on your salary). How dare they take your kindness for weakness? How dare they fail to fall into line when told to go back to work? How dare they ask for an implementation of a better salary in this “Naija situation”?

I acknowledge your revered position as a “reading governor”, a SAN, an eminent statesman, a society changer, a thinking governor………they are testaments to your approach and learned opinions, you’ve been a “breath of fresh air” to us amid this “penkelemess Goddy” situation.

I understand, more than you think.


But I have to ask you Sir:

Why must we pay toll for a road not actually built by you? A road renovated and redecorated (obviously better than before) but opened right before you came in. Why must it be at the cost of difficulty to people plying this road? Why must you tramp on people’s right just to implement an unpopular policy?

We were there when you came on TV to side with the people’s right to protest during Occupy Nigeria, why didn’t you practice what you preached for Lekki protesters? Was it because it wasn’t directly aimed at you?

Why must a learned Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) such as yourself ban Okadas without an associated law? Do you understand the difference between Democracy and Democrazy? Why must Okadas pay all those exorbitant fees to Lagos for registration and clearance, when you knew they weren’t going to ply the roads? Why must you seize people’s instrument of living and refuse to give it back when the court deemed your actions as “illegal” and an “abuse” of executive powers? Why must responsible tax payers suffer and grumble because the government has declared war on their chosen profession/trade? Will the Lagos state government create/provide alternative sources of living for these people sir?

Sir, must an individual’s celebration cause such a traffic gridlock to a commercial metropolis like Lagos where Time equals money? Inasmuch as I find it hard to believe that you will dip into state funds to celebrate your predecessor and benefactor, you stiℓℓ did not categorically refute these claims. Did you contribute to Asiwaju’s birthday celebration from the state’s purse?

I’m sorry for these questions. How can I (an ordinary Nigerian) ask you all these questions?

Who am I (a lowly average citizen, not even a SAN) to question you?


Yet, I will ask a few more.

My dear governor, why did a “learned, thinking and reading governor” fall into the autocratic bracket? Was sacking all the doctors on the Lagos state government payroll the only solution? Why did the government sign an agreement it didn’t intend to see through? Why was your “head of service” so laid back on the issue of meeting with the doctors for about four months before the issue degenerated?


The more pertinent questions are:

How did you get 373 doctors to replace the sacked 788 when the total number of doctors shared by the 36 states of Nigeria is 3,041 (remove 788 and do the calculation)?  Is this not a case of putting our lives into more danger by employing “corper doctors” because of your arrogance?  Why does Lagos government pay the state judges higher than those in Federal service, but finds it hard to pay doctors equivalent of the federal CONMESS?

Now, this: why must you eject the doctors from their apartment with a day’s notice? Did you not sign a tenancy law that gives 6months for ejection? Was the law made for mere mortals like us, but your majesty can flout it?

These are all simple questions for a learned individual like you, but like all others before me……..I’m not expecting a reply because I’m just an “ordinary bloody Nigerian”.


No sir!  I’m not a doctor and I don’t like PDP (I know what I said earlier, PDP is the exception but you’re fast getting into that bracket).


Thank You Sir

Adebowale Adejugbe.



PS: Read the short mathematical sequel to this piece here: MUCH ADO ABOUT THE CON-MESS STRIKE



  1. I remain speechless. Good read!

  2. *hiss*

  3. If you pay a Dr 200k monthly, he will work 41.6 years to make 100m used for Tinubu.

  4. See question, dis one go hard pass apptitude test 4 d man. Mbok!

  5. I completely understand…

  6. A thorough analysis of the issues, reminds me of a story I heard (un verified) that when the former govenor of sokoto state built the state “plaza” in abuja, he invited members of national assembly to a tour of the premisis, and one impertinent “distinguished” or ” honorable” asked how much it cost the state to erect the edifice? Mr Gov descended on the hapless person with the most vile insults imaginable, he was a bloody member or senator and was far below the gov to question his use of funds. So if that could happen to an oga what of ordinary bloody nigerians asking for accountability and responsibe governance?

  7. Simply Brilliant. What more can I add? Good job

  8. No comment,,,cos doctors on strike equals more death in hospitals,now ask ursef wat if u er d one on d sick bed dat needs serious medical attention and d dictors er on strike..pls tink straite nd mine any edemocratic govt as d rite to sack its employee..kk

    • You said no comment yet you commented. Lol. Ok seriously I’ve asked myself the what if question and the answers were this: why wait until the condition requires serious attention, and secondly in the case of and emergency are the private hospitals also on strike?
      Here are contributions: 1. Death is inevitable.
      2. You can come to the hospital when there’s no strike, but there’s no bed space. What then?
      3. You can come to the hospital and your democratic government hasn’t provided the neccesary equipments for the doctors to know what’s wrong let alone treat u.
      4. Now is not the time for you to fall sick because 788 doctors out of jobs is what equals more deaths

      • I think providing wht Doc needs in Lagos Hospitals is out of questions, BRF has tried in terms of health sectors atleast he will not demolish the whole laG to build hospitals. Y wwould they put the lives of pple on line bcos Peanut they want to receive. As much as I don’t buy the idea of sacking the doctors so also I pity the lives of the poeple that ve gone along the line. Let’s not bury the truth here even consider the death of pregnant women during ds times dt needs DOC but none was available, am sure u wouldn’t pray its ur wife. Doc is a delecate work! I totally agreed with the rest of ur questions to Fashola but the Doc aspect I disagree.

        • Dear Debola, I honestly feel you. I am not a Doctor and its not likely that I will be. But I can remember how hard I worked to get through a graduate school. How I wish I can put all those pains aside and take up a charity work. I think you should try and get another degree If you have one already and help us put a slap on those arrogant doctors faces. cheers!

    • what of the ones already sacked, where do you think the replacement will come from. when next you have headache, cut off your damn head, it will sooth the ache.

    • I will waste my time to reply you and ask you if you ever went to a modern school to hear of anything called “due process” or something like “rule of law”? I guess you should, cos I found “edemocratic” something in your No Comment!

  9. Dear Adebowale,

    Am not a friend neither a foe of the governor you’ve taken your time to write. But I want to be logical to comment. So I’ll start from the last paragraph to the first.

    On the tenacy law, I’ll advice you research the Lagos State Tenacy Law so as to correlate your point right. The law says, if the tentant pay yearly, then 6months should be the notice, if it is 6months payment then 3months notice and quarterly (3months) then 1month notice. And then if it a case of no term which is the case of Lagos State and Doctors staff Quarters, then it is within the jurdiction of the Owner (Landlord/landlady). So, this is a fact.

    On Doctors Sack & CONMESS, I personally don’t support the sack but the issue of CONMESS like every other wages issues like National income wages, ASUU & others, the FG is wrong in a true federal system of government to negotiate on behalf of the States Government on issues that is outside it (FG) right. Technically, CONMESS is one reason LGAs can’t implement Primary Health System which is within their right. The truth is, why should a Doctor in Ondo Town receive the same wages with a Doctor in Ikeja, Lagos. When we all know that living condition in Lagos is far higher than in Ondo. And if Akwa Ibom with the highest income FAAC can pay 100% CONMESS can Kastina with one of the lowest income FAAC pay same amount. And if Lagos with highest IGR decide to pay 100% CONMESS, should we consider the Recurrent expenditure against the capital expenditure in Lagos Budget. If the States want to pay 100% CONMESS then FG that takes over 50% of FAAC should provide an incentives for the states to pay CONMESS.

    On Asiwaju’s Birthday and Traffic gridlock. It a total shame on the part of the organizer and LASTMA that should be responsible to control traffic in the Lagos. I guess Mr Fashola should be answerable to that.

    On Okada Riders, it is the responsibility of the State to set traffic rules. There are some states in Nigeria that have stopped Okada Commercial Service. Rivers, Akwa-Ibom & Edo I know have stopped their service because of the danger and the atrocities that have been committed. If the state (Lagos) decide to restrict the function of Okada Commericial service then we should be law abidding. We have Okada riders because the government does not encourage SME. Some of these riders have technical skills but cos of power (Electricity) then neglect their work. So if we sort power, then hope they can go back to their technical skill work.

    Finally on Lekki Toll gate, the road was reconstructed on PPP initiative. And the contract shows that the Private sector have more shares than public. And your point on road not constructed by Fashola, is government not continuous. Or is government not to be continuous. A road made by Marwa or Tinubu can’t not be reconstructed by another government. Then how are we going to improve as a state. The truth is, if the entire roads in Lagos are reconstructed to the level of Lekki Toll Gate and taxed the entire road users whose Traffic reduce and people spend less on vehicle maintenace.

    Hopefully, we see governance more than we see government.

    • Edo has not stopped the activities of commercial motorcycles.

    • How about the 100 million?

    • Rubish!!!!

    • @ADEDIRAN. on CONMESS, whatever d fg decided is not important but why did lagos state govt under fashola negotiated & agreed with them when he knew he wouldn’t pay. your responses show you are bias & as such cant be objective

    • @adeniran: stop being a hypocrite! U re just contradicting yourself. If we abide by d law and stop okada riders from functioning, what will they now do to carter for themselves and family when they can’t go back to their “technical skills” due to no power(electricity)? Steal? U wouldn’t want that, would u?since u want to be logical.

  10. Hmm, careful thoughts borne of sad circumstances.

    I too I’m disappointed in BRF’s manner of administration. I hoped to see one – I mean ADMINISTRATION – (our governor being a SAN) but I had to learn hard this is no acronym for sanity.

    Hmm, the future of #Nigeria is happy and sad, sad and happy, who can know it?

  11. I used to fall for this kind of sarcastic comments but no more. The list of things here portray more of the usual pretentious activism. We all crave for good governance but we don’t want those that can take tough decisions. It is like a case of wanting to go to heaven but not wanting to die. Taking the issues raised here one bv each will lead to a waste of time. If we want good governance, it goes with obligations. If everyone should go on strike the way the doctors are doing in Lagos state nothing will work & you will write a more sarcastc letter. Go into public administration & see what if feels like.

  12. my greatest amazement is dt uptil now since 1999, its very difficult 2c just som1 in nigeria regardless political position dt truly n heartily intend 2serve selflessly i mean truly selflessly! frm president 2d ward councilor is self enriched folks, non of dis pple that meant well 4d masses, so am nt suprised at gov fashola..

  13. I believe if this letter truly gets to Fashola, he’d be forced to rethink some of his recent actions.

  14. Imagine,me I understand too

  15. You write very well. Keep it up.

  16. I’m seriously liking Abebowale. I like the way this article is written. It made me laugh but had a very serious undertone. Thank you for putting on paper the thoughts of most people. Well done sir.

  17. Don’t be biased we all keep saying we want a change in d country and here is someone working towards the change and u are here condeming him. For things to work out some steps av to be takn sorry if some pple av to pay for it. But let’s allow change for once. We keep condeming all our leaders but at least let’s appreciate the effort of governor fashola. After all he is human and allowed to make mistakes. The issue of asiwajus birthday is no issue at all pls let’s stop bn biased in our judgement

  18. I will like to set the records straight, taking in mind the above missive by Adediran babatunde.
    Firstly ALL doctors living in staff quarters PAY their rent! Its myopic to think that becos you work for government, you have free accommodation. That my friend is false and this can be collaborated by any civil servant.
    Secondly, I agree we run a federal system, but CONMESS is not a just a federal action but with state input. All the states SIGNED to the agreement before it was made a LAW. It’s the minimum wage for doctors in the country. I wonder the brouhaha now when such reservations should have been made at the negotiation stage.
    Isn’t it funny that the LASG can now claim they cannot be made to comply with such a law, after been a signatory to such an act and even after AN AGGREMENT had the signed 13months ago with the state docyors’ body that CONMESS would be implemented! They cannot pay the doctors CONMESS, but they can collect federal TAXES as enshrined by the laws of the land. This exposes the chameleonic nature of the LASG, and it is pertinent to add that the populace UNDERSTANDS the issue on ground before making opinions. Much obliged everyone.

  19. Put this phenomenon into consideration, Ɣ☺u have A̶̲̥̅̊ little son who takes foods that contains A̶̲̥̅̊ high quantity of sugar every now Απϑ then…….knowing the possible repercussion of this habit Ɣ☺u are likely t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ do one of the following………..
    Make him stop
    Leaving him alone or
    Making him reduce the quantity he takes i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊….
    Please note that any of these above listed probabilities would attract different reaction from the boy………..
    This simply explains the fact that ‘whichever choice Ɣ☺u *•.(*) ♏αy choose t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ act upon would never have the same impact on Ў☺ΰr environment…….
    As for me not even the decision of the state governor can change my mindset ‘ always aiming at the best irrespective of any situation’
    When there seems no way there, make shift-way instead of giving Ȋ̝̊̅t̶̲̥̅̊ up…….leave the government t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ do what they *•.(*) ♏αy think į̸̸̨§ right……. Whichever decision they make strengthens me more………. I a̶̲̥̅♏ no fan of the government

  20. Brillant write-up! But unfortunately, you can’t make omelette without breaking eggs.

  21. i must say that this piece is courageous but there is something u ve failed to mention or didnt know about! gov. fashola recently increased lasu fees from 35000 $ 25000 to 350000 $ 250000 for jambites and stalelites respectively! i know of about seven ppl who re stil at home hoping for other cheap schools! moreso, they are not lagosians. lagos state indigenes are to be refunded any tution they pay. this is bad and unexpected from someone like him!

    • @ Ade pls make meaningful contributions,emphasising on smileys and fonts are inconsequential in this matter.

  22. I am a doc, as such I’l like †☺ assume U̶̲̥̅̊’d all think I’l be bias so I’l make it short. D labourer deserves his full wages. For the work we do and d sacrifices we make, doctors deserve better renumeration. I av worked continuously for 6 straight weeks(days n nights),attended †☺ patients every other persons were running frm,seen doctors contract deadly diseases frm attending †☺ ppl with such, and I av seen their homes scatter cos f work. The society puts too much burden on us, burdens we r not bound †☺ by oath. My summary,let a salary plan be implemented,a workin schedule made, and (†☺ my colleagues) let d xtra burdens and sacrifices we bear outta sympathy stop. We pay far too muc for a society dat does not appreciate.

    • Using this kind of font or alphabets characters with some funny symbols to contribute to a serious issue like this does not potray seriousness expected from a doctor.Please endeavour to use the appropriate one next time.

    • Very well said!

  23. All I wanna say is dt our fundamental human right haz bin violated

  24. The man did not know what he is doing

  25. I have always and will be a fan of Gov fashola,but dear Governor if you were a doctor you will completely understand with these Lagos doctors,if you think Doctors are like mangoes on the tree you should plant your mango tree.your action show lack of respect for the health of the common man ,afterall you can always get yourself good medical care.your action can only be taken in a third world country like should have a rethink loose out pride becos Doctors deserves all they want.if you are a doctor you will understand

  26. Ologboijakadi u are only bin unreasonable wit wot adediran babatunde has said, he said the state tenancy law says if u pay anually u shud be given 6months notice, 6months shud be given 3months notice and if quartally i.e 3months shud be given 1month and if monthly d law says it shud be decided by d landlord or landlady as d case maybe. As for d lagos state governor and the doctors d deduction is monthly which means LASG reserves his right to decide as he pleases and am putting it to you that there is no nation/part of a nation dat undergoes changes and people won’t pay for it dia is bound to be some wot of wot the doctors are experiencing now, if u do visit most of dis hospitals u will see d way doctors and nurses are bin harsh on patients some of them ar responsible for many life they watch ppl die unattended to not becos d patient doesn’t have money to pay bur cos of dia carless and carefree atitude if u see d way dey relate wif patients and there guidians it is so pathetic and they now said they ar on strike where were they b4 on stroke ? Lols on d okada riders we are all aware of the menance caused by okada riders snatching of bags, beheading ppl and lots more to mention afta which they climb dia bike and make headway wif their bad acts. I presume u all know what is called PPP in view of dis even if anoda government comes on d case of lekki since there is a biding document called MOU(memorandum of understanding) so they still have to use dat bible no mata who bcomes d governor which exactly Fashola is using and obeying as for tinubu’s case ppl often call him tout so his own case is closed ! I tink raji fashola has done a good job by showing d doctors exit cos they deserve wot he gave them

    • You know the attitude of doctors is irrelevant to this issue on ground. If deep down u think it is wise to sack so many doctors because they have a ‘careless’ attitude to patients maybe u should try spending your whole life doing sth u are not appreciated for then get paid stipends for it. Be logical with the way you look at issues. There is a reason why no Government sacks its workforce because they go on strike. It is totally counterproductive. Trust me, by the time the consequences of Fashola’s actions start to manifest, even you omooba will not be safe from them.

    • @Omooba, it baffles me when people like you divert from the main issues been discussed, and plunge headlong into unnecessary rants. Firstly I never doubted wat adediran said, but to correct the fallacy that the affected evicted doctors pay for their accomodation, and that the honourable governor had no right to evict them based on the tenancy law just promulgated. So please read well before answering. Next you went on ranting about doctors and nurses’ attitude, my God, that is not wat the discussion was on! Fashola did not sack them because of Their behaviour but because they went on a legitimate strike….get that please!!!

  27. Thanks Adediran for being objective. What I want to add is that Lagos State did not spend a dime on Tinubu’s party. He and his family can afford to organise a N100m party twice over. You might not believe this but that is the truth.
    And for those who think that the Doctor’s sack is not right, may you never be sick in a govt hospital during a strike. Many of these doctors have turned strikes into a ransom tool. They all prefer to strike so they can spend time @ their private practise. Doctors like ASUU are lazy, not thinking about the people. Why don’t bus drivers go on strike or market women or railway workers. Doctors and Lecturers know they have people’s lives in their hands and can hold the government by the jugular to make them do their self-centered bidding. Read their demands and then you’ll know. People just pretend in this country. Truth is things are bad in this country but no matter how sincere a gov’t is, the change will never come without sacrifices by all. A less experienced doctor that is available is better than not having any doctor at all.
    In life, there are always tough decisions to be taken and we elect people to take those tough decisions for us. I only hope we as a country will start looking beyond our noses. No government is ever perfect but this one is trying.

    • Boystown, it baffles me with ur statement that a less experienced doctor is better. Sorry please, if u attended a university where medicine is done, u will understand who a consultant and a professor of medicine is! As we are now,LASU has lost accreditation for medicine because all their teachers has been sacked, so all the medical students will have to leave LASU. Maybe u r now seeing the bigger picture.

    • @boystown, need to verify really whether you are actually an illiterate or your are just been sarcastic! Your preferance for a young doctor who just finished from medical school to a consultant or professor gives us an inclination to your personality. I sincerly pray that the next time you fall seriously ill or maybe involved in an accident, that would be your portion, since you so desire it!!

  28. Its a good written piece. If d writer cares, I humbly request that he presents more and acknowledges his sources. D Lagos Doctors’ case is already a global issue no more a trivia. Let d doctors seek redress thru d appropriate channels like d Okada Riders. At least no one shud be above d law. Thanks.

  29. Thats a wonderful speach….
    I hopet will reach him

  30. I agree, all the free consultations over the phone and the free consultations cos Doctor lives in the area has to stop. The society obviously has no regards for its doctors.

  31. These are very good questions that deserve, if possible, reply from Governor Fashola but I very much doubt it.

    Nevertheless, we need people to keep asking questions when they see things that are not going right. It’s about time we start making our voices heard instead of just taking or accepting every situation the government throw on us.

    Proudly Nigeria

    Ronke Banjo

  32. Hippocratic Oath vs Labour laws. I understand this is all about the doctors’strike,which I consider 1 to many. How comen the doctors are not telling the public what part of the CONMESS is not been paid? I understand it has to do with teaching or something of that nature,.Now is that enough to watch helpless people die? What should policemen do? Work for u and 1 day and night and still no ‘CONMESS’! If u don’t like the labour laws of a particular state resign and go else where simple. Well interesting read though quiet ‘entertaining’.

    • Should all the state doctors resign and go to another state just cause they don’t like the condition?, it saddens me to hear people like PERRY talk. I’m a son of a doctor (my mum) who has been for the Lagos state government for 15 years + and let me break it down for you.

      Earlier in the comments i heard someone talking about how doctors are harsh and treat patients badly at the hospital but have you bothered to go to a general hospital during their clinic day?. The doctors are always outnumbered at least 50:1 and that same doctor is going to see patients all through the day, i mean COME ON!, are they not human beings?

      In the 20 years that i have been on earth, i can count the amount of times that i and my mum have done any recreational activity i.e birthdays, movies e.t.c because she is never at home!, she is always at work everyday and most times even Sundays.

      The misconception that seem to be going around in the mind of ignorant people is that every or most doctors have a private practice and that is a blatant lie. In a general hospital the ratio of doctors that have private practice to those that don’t is 10:2 as compared to how everybody thinks doctors are gluttons and that they just want to be greedy murderer’s who only care for their own pocket.

      Guess what?, they should be paid x2 of CONMESS because they do x50 of their work. They are over worked, under paid, under valued and are expected to keep working because of an imaginary oath that everyone swore them to.

      Have you forgotten that an average doctor has kids?, family?, and responsibilities along with the cost of living in a state like lagos.

      Call me biased but things have to change. I like Fashola but this was an illegal move for people that work night and day without good facilities, working condition and after spending all those years in the university and even currently in post graduate studies you sack them because they are fighting for their rights.

      If you think the strike is okay and that doctors are greedy bastards and they must be put in check, no qualms. Go and read medicine, graduate, get employed in a govt hospital , be underpaid, overworked, under appreciated and come back here and still them me the same thing you are saying.

      Thanks, Emmanuel Out!

      • @ Emmanuel Kudosat ur comment. A 20yr old with such insight is overwelhming and gives me hope that there is a brighter future ahead for this country. Nice. And say me well to your mother.

  33. Good Job

  34. As d saying to scatter things is very easy but to rearrange is not an easy task,my little advises is we should exercise patient.Eko oni baje

  35. God will help and intervain.

  36. Astute!

  37. A country whr d pple has N̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ say,dts wot U̶̲̥̅̊. gt.Our governor thinks he knwz it all,I wonda if he ever consults d pple he governz. Our rights are gone.*hiss


  39. …in live anything that happen to a man is eqaul to a man, so he is alive. The mr governor, doctors, okadas and others are replical to it.

  40. @adediranbabatunde, why dont u think properly and hit the nail on the head ., @adejugbe, this is a good write up, more grease. I pray the Gov.Fashola rethinks and retrace his step. U need to see the type of treatment this so called Locum Doctors are giving, i pity the lives of the patient presented and being treated by these locum Drs. The Judges were well renumerated, salary was increased, new porado jeep given with accomodations at V.I, but what do we have for Doctors? sack letter, eviction…………etc. The lord will have mercy

  41. I am very glad that comment like this comes from a doctor to a serving governor, but i will also ask this Dr guy why everybody has to fight and maim the commonest Nigerian when mis-understanding or grudge(s) has to be settled ? Yes it’s very popular and obvious that PDP has failed and is presently failing us(good poeple of this country Nigeria) because of the way dey parade our democratic system, they have almost privatize the entire country to bow to there system of things but thanks God for some minorities in some few states(ACN,Labour,APGA,ACPC) that’s gives us a feel of democracy. But i have to that it’s very dishearten when this minoriries at the pinnacles of there practices they proof to be even worse than the so called PDP.
    I deemed it unwise of this few and available minorities group,clan or political parties as it were. Nigeria(as a state) has failed and the survival of the fittest is our order of the day.
    Taking a further look beyond this sect at the helms of affair and narrowing it down to the professional(instrument of interaction) that plays the major of daily interactions with the poeple, their mentality,attitude,response etc to work. We have dealings at the hospital occassionaly and several other offices throughout the society and when we meet this people the way and manner to attend to the job(s) they are being for is no longer a news(very poor) and yet they take the salary adjustment to the Government Table every now but then.
    And finaly i want to say that when other parties involved in the society is brushed about and the most important parties(the PEOPLE) is left out, then i say that nothing has been said, i happens to belong to two of the three parties we have which is the professional and the people but not the Powerful parties and i have to say that our mentality sometimes makes me feel that our sense of right and equalities has either been tampered with or we completely lost it, i can even say that maybe we are the group of people that God never create with one, many of us have become subjective to the present situation of things and we never desire to see if we can workout a change in situation. All i have to say is God help us in this country, some of us want to enjoy some services and never plans to pay for the services enjoyed all of this factors still contribute largely to the National and general failure we experienced throughout every level in the sysytem.
    Having said this little i want to advise that we all see our self from the inside and not see other alone from the outside and by that we will gradually put everything in the rightful place they belong. God bless Nigeria!

  42. it takes a happy and satisfied man to carry out his functions diligently. I f we must be logical abt the Doctors issue,then it’s simply a case of, “if u dnt want to loose lives, give the savers the required tools and incentives” otherwise the feared becomes the norm. God have mercy.

  43. Just stumbled on this piece. Am compelled to say, May your days be long. All these questions are on the mind of every Lagosian. Hope my most revered Gov.Fasola will take note and make corrections where appropriate.

  44. As a psychiatrist in the north-east, I can tell you what it means to be a doctor. It is hours of clinic, ward rounds and almost life time of psychological and social support for not only the patients, but their care givers too. It is putting up with phone calls from all over, including tchad, and Darfur! Often at odd hours. Sometimes I have to pack in the middle of a journey to give a needed listening ear to a patient or a distraught relative(who is also usually in need of support and encouragement). Do not allow the glamour of tv series give you an erroneous notion of the life of a doctor. The life is like priesthood without the celibacy. Please show us a little more sympathy.

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