Posted by: zebbook | March 25, 2012

A piece by Rosanwo Babatunde. An eye-opener to the fact that Nigeria’s current ruling class are determined to keep recycling themselves in power without giving the younger generations any chance whatsoever to make an impact.


I was working on a piece about rational choice theory in the Nigerian context, wanting to link it up with present scenario in Nigeria. 80% complete I decided to return it to my archive for further reading. What however caught my attention is a subtle message being sent out by the ruling elites across Nigeria, the idea that we are equals and there is no space within the polity for young people except being appendages to their ego. 3 different events caught my attention during the week.

Event 1

The much awaited Future Nigeria Symposium for Young & Emerging leaders kicked off on March 19, 2012, twitter world kept updating while the expected live stream was barely audible. So this afternoon, a one hour summary of the symposium was aired on Channels TV using the regular #RubbinMinds slot which is a youth platform run by Future Nigeria. Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s…

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