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The Book of Third Kings Chapter One

NOTE: All the characters, group of persons, locations and events in this book are purely fictitious, they are all fragments of the authors rather exuberant imagination. Any resemblance to any person, dead or alive, group of persons, locations and events in real life is purely coincidental and highly regretted. And in the case of such an unusual coincidence, the author is in no way insinuating the actions of his books characters to have been carried out in real life by any person or group of persons at any such locations.


                                                                               3rd KINGS

                                                                              CHAPTER ONE


1.         Now in the 3rd year of the reign of Obama, King of America when Angela was Queen in Germany and Cameron, Lord of UK, that King Jona, son of Bele, began to rule over Nigeria, in the west of the land of black people.

2.         And the House of Seniors elected Navid the son of Nark to be their Senior Boy, even according to the wish of the king. But the House of People rebelled against the king and would have none of the kings’ choice and instead they elected Bambuwal to be their Loudspeaker from the North of the land.

3.         Now these are the things which the King said unto the people “ I will give you during my reign: Power, Employment, Roads, Agriculture, Education, Health and Security”

4.         Then the people marveled greatly and said to one another “ How shall these things be, seeing that our new King has taken to the steps of the old King which was no more, who promised us seven things but delivered none.”

5.         And it was that before the coronation, King Jona, son of Bele, said unto the people “ make me now your King therefore, and I will raise the minimum wage for every worker to 18 shekels of silver”

6.         And the people rejoiced greatly, and they favoured Jona to be King over them. But after the coronation, the King said unto the Assembly of Workers “ How shall I pay this money, seest thou not that there is little money in the treasury? And that the little that there is, is meant for me, my family and my chieves? Go away therefore, everyman into his tent, for I shall pay you no such money”

7.         And the Assembly of Workers murmured unto the king and would not go away and said unto themselves “ If we collect not this money, we and our families shall surely starve to death”

8.         Their fury therefore rose against the king and they threatened to go on strike and said “ For 3 days shall we not work, and there shall be no going out and coming in the land, and we shall disturb the peace of the land greatly even until the King fulfills that which he promised us before we made him king”

9.         And King Jona feared greatly when he heard these things, and he pleaded with the assembly not to go on strike, but he still would not fulfill that which he promised them.

10.       And there came unto the king, certain advisers who said to him “ Great King, surely God has ordained thee to lead this land into greatness, but 4 years is too short for you to accomplish all that God has ordained you to do. Send ye therefore a bill to the House of Seniors and change the number of your years on the throne to 7, that you and your sons may reign in the land forever”.

11.       But King Jona, the son of Bele replied them and said “ surely the people shall revolt if I do this and the House of Seniors shall surely reject it”

12.       And they said unto him “ Have you not favored Navid, the son of Nark, to be the Senior Boy of the House of Seniors? Call him now therefore and ask what he shall take in return for this favour”.

13.       Then King Jona did according as his advisers has said and called Navid, the son of Nark, and relayed these things unto him. Then Navid, the son of Nark, replied the King and said “ O king, seest thou that I have served you faithfully all these years, and how hard I worked for your coronation. Now if it pleases the king, let him carve out for me a kingdom and call it Apa State that I and my family may reign there forever”.

14.       And it came to be, that king Jona appointed Abba Moro, who is of the household of Navid, the son of nark, to be Chief of Interior Affair, so that he may carve out a kingdom, even for Navid and his descendants, and the people knew not the intentions of the king.

15.       But when the people heard of the kings plan they shouted with an exceeding great voice and said to themselves “ Surely the king wants to be on the throne forever, even as Luhamed the son of Badafhi has done in the land of Nibya, let us allow him not” 

16.       Then King Jona, fearing the wrath of the people said “ It is not my plan, I know nothing about it”, but after he had met with his advisers again, he said “ It is my plan indeed, but I will bebefit from it not”

17.       And the people believed not the words of their King, for he has lied to them many times, even in the little time that he has reigned.

18.       In those days, there lived a certain strong husbandman in the Kingdom of Igun, in the West of the land, whose name was Olumegun, and he was once a king in the land.

19.       And there was a certain Youngman from the same region, Bimeji the son of Dankole, who was the former Loudspeaker of the House of the People.

20.       Then Olumegun said to himself ‘ How shall I allow him, for he is but a clever child of my household. Lest he takes over the Kingdom of Igun and my entire farm”

21.       So he sought the counsel of the King, and they called Dankole and said unto him “ What is this thing that thou has done? Why have hast thou led the House of People to rebel against the King? Now see how thou hast borrowed 20 bags of gold and shared it with you brethren. Thus thou shall be cast into prison.”

22.       Then Dankole said unto himself “ Why has the King taken after me? Am I the only thief in the land? Behold, when night shall come, then shall I flee from the land, for my enemies are too strong against me”

23.       But that same night that he would flee, that the Kings Guards came into his house, and they took hold of him, and threw him into prison”


I was much an enemy to monarchies before I came to Europe. I am ten thousand times more so, since I have seen what they are. There is scarcely an evil known in these countries, which may not be traced to their king, as its source, nor a good, which is not derived from the small fibres of republicanism existing among them.

THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to General Washington, May 2, 1788



  1. bring on chapter 2 , i cant wait .

  2. Nice non-fiction, no matter how fictitious it was intended. Bring the remaining chapters on.

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